How do Koreans Look Really Cute?

Is is by nature that Koreans tend to look adorably cute. Some people may not find it the same way, but it is undeniable that a large number of Koreans appear like dolls. How is it possible for a human to look so perfect? Here are some possibilities to this quest.

1. Resemble cute Kids

One feature that can be noted among Koreans is that there is a large degree of similarity between the face of a teen and a baby/ kid. Babies/kids are by default adorable. Since Koreans resemble some of the features of a baby’s face they seem really sweet.

2. They Talk cute!

Yes the way some Koreans converse with you is inimitably cute. Especially when an attempt to speak in English is made by a Korean who is not much cognizant of the language, it accrues to the ‘cute’ factor.

3. Plastic Surgery ( 아이디병원)

It is rumored or believed that a large number of Koreans undergo plastic surgery to augment their prettiness. Minute changes such as correction of the nose, widening of eyes giving it a fish-like finish etc., are a part of the surgery package.
The above is an ad from ID Hospital in South Korea, Seoul, Gangnam-gu. Shows the extent to which plastic surgery can transform one’s facial characteristics. The two images are disparate!

4. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

And as the saying goes, the world itself is based on perspectives. If you love someone it doesn’t mean that the world loves them too. Everyone has their own opinion on the definition of ‘Cute’ or ‘Beautiful’.

To know more about Korea visit: Life @ Korea.



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